Thursday, January 3, 2008

Texas has far to go!

Not only has Texas appointed a Creationist to head their state school board and not only did they fire the state science curriculum director a month before a state-wide science curriculum review, but they are poised to approve a graduate science degree program based on the Bible and Creationist teachings. At a time when teaching Creationism/Intelligent Design is ruled to be against the law in public schools, here is another back door way into the educational system. If this degree program is approved how long will it be before some of the graduates are working within the public school system teaching 'science'? Does anyone else see a problem here? You can read some of the reports and editorials in

It's bad enough graduates of Liberty University can go on and get medical degrees, now we will have people with degrees on pseudo-science teaching science? I hope and pray, that if Texas approves this graduate program that any school hiring a new science teacher makes damn sure they not only are willing to comply with state guidelines on teaching Evolution, but they actually have the academic credentials to do so! A degree from the Institute of Creation Research will not adequately prepare a science teacher to teach Evolution. At best it will be taught with the marketing holes like "It's only a theory", "There are lots of gaps", and the ever popular "There are alternate theories" which are all pure unmitigated lies and misleading information. First of all the Dover trial pretty well explained the fallacy of "It's just a theory". Science explained why there are gaps and science is working hard to fill those gaps. And there are no competing SCIENTIFIC theories to Evolution, only marketing ideas -- not actual theories!

I hope Texas takes a steps back and realizes what a precipice they are looking over. The first group to be hurt is Texas school children, followed by any Texas student attempting to get into a legitimate college. Finally science and the industries that depend on science, many of whom are based in Texas, will eventually suffer when they realize how little science employees educated in Texas understand! This is a time bomb that Texas can sidestep right now!

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