Sunday, December 9, 2007

A scary thing in Texas

An article in Ars Technica, Nov 2007, reminds us we need to do more than just read one article and declare ourselves an expert. Remember Ms. Comer who was forced to leave over a single email about a presentation by Barbara Forrest? Well the chairman of the Texas School Board certainly didn't come to her defense and now we can see why:

"In July, Governor Rick Perry appointed creationist Don McLeroy chairman of the state school board. Back in 2003, he was one of a group of board members that voted against adoption of the system's current textbooks because they did not emphasize the flaws in evolutionary theory. While disavowing plans to introduce ID into the state curriculum, that group claims that, once again, "they'll push for books to include a more thorough examination of weaknesses in the theory of evolution."

You know, normally you depend on your boss to shield you from unwarranted and highly suspect activity. But when your boss apparently has an ulterior motive, duck and cover. You know I don't see the Discovery Institute coming to Ms. Comer's defense in claiming harassment and an unfair and hostile workplace. I guess it's only professor's who fail to do their duties that get that treatment -- not public servants doing their job!

Well let's keep an eye on Mr. McLeroy or we might see Texas go through what happened recently in Kansas and almost happened in Ohio.

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