Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kudos to Time Magazine

I remember the original article on the use of a new dating technique on a skull discovered in 1952. The reason I am giving kudos to Time Magazine can be embodied in a quote from the lead investigator, Dr. Fredrick Grine, : "I am very pleased that TIME has identified our work as one of the top 10 scientific discoveries of the past year," says Professor Grine. "Given the growing influence of the creationism movement that is threatening the teaching of evolution in public schools, I am equally delighted that such a widely read magazine has chosen to highlight the scientific basis of research in human evolution in this way."

It's sorrowful a scientist feels to need to highlight the political battle over teaching evolution in his comment. But I certainly understand the sentiment. I doubt you would see similar recognition by the Discovery Institute, or one of their publication groups. They are probably looking for a way to spin this work to 'prove' it supports Intelligent Design. That seems to be a developing tactic, make comments about how a scientific idea or technique shouldn't be used to justify evolution because it can be used to prove Intelligent Design as well. If so many things can prove Intelligent Design rather than talk about it, they ought to just go do the leg work and prove it. But I think that's too much to ask of them. They are much better talkers than researchers.

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