Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Science eduation in the US Lacking

Seriously interesting article to make you think! Why are we lagging in 25th place for science education out of 57 countries? Why does a country like Poland beat us? Even our neighbors to the North kicked our collective butts! This is an interesting read and asks the question that if we are so rich, so powerful, and so smart -- why aren't we better educated?

I know there are many reasons, but one of them recently reared its ugly head in Texas and Florida, as you hopefully realize from my other posts. We are so busy regulating education and working to either inject our personal beliefs or preventing others personal beliefs from being injected that we sometimes forget the object of the whole exercise is the education of our young. We are missing the boat in science and we will continue to miss the boat as long as we allow organizations like the Discovery Institute and people like Lizette Reynolds and Donna Callaway to push their personal agendas!

The country in the lead, Finland, doesn't seem to have an issue with Evolution, interestingly enough. They also seem to have fewer issues with education in general since they also ranked first in Math and second in Reading.

I know as soon as I mentioned Finland some of you probably thought of some disparaging joke. But remember, I recall jokes against Poland and recently have seen jokes about Canadians on American TV. All three of them beat out our scores. I think the joke is on us!

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