Sunday, December 16, 2007

Once again, does evolution equal atheism?

On the Conservative Voice website there is an article which also illustrates one of the issues in trying to address this whole ID/Evolution political debate. Now remember that there is no scientific debate, just one created by a small segment of conservative Christians who refuse to believe anything but their own dogma.

While Mr. Gray does make that very common error, along with most of his fundamentalist Christian buddies, his postings demonstrate the error of his ways and also the error of the person he is supposedly debating with. He raises some questions on the Big Bang, "My questions for him have been: Who or what created that extremely dense object? Who or what created space? Who or what hung that object in space and kept it there? What caused the explosion called the Big Bang?" that do deserve answers. My issue with the Intelligent Design/Creationism side of things is that you aren't interested in answers. You stop asking questions once you reach a point where you say "God" did it. Science is the only avenue that may one day answer those questions. Who knows, science may also reach a point where the answer is "God", but the difference is he starts with that answer and closes the conversation.

I do have a question for him. What in the universe makes you think everything that propagated from the Big Bang is in an "organized manner"? Oh you use some of the more common questions designed to stop any rational thought: "What causes our earth to spin on its axis, at the precise tilt which sustains life, in twenty four hour cycles, giving us day and night? What causes our earth to orbit around the sun in one year cycles, giving us the four seasons, and at the precise distance to sustain life on earth?" Here you are making a huge assumption that you seem to miss. Our form of life evolved because of the environment, stating that the environment was placed here just for us to evolve is nothing but pure hubris on your part. If the conditions were different, a different sort of life may have evolved. One day we might progress, through science, to worlds beyond our own and discover life vastly different from our own. If you discount that possibility, then the conceit you feel is of your own making. Because I believe God truly is omnipotent, unlike the limits you seem to want to place. The universe is an extremely large and disorganized place and who knows what we will find.

The Atheist he is supposedly arguing with is doing exactly what Mr. Gray is doing. Mr. Gray is using a religious argument to tear apart science. The Atheist is apparently using his disbelieve in God to disprove Intelligent Design. Both arguments lack an understanding of science!

You do not have to be an Atheist to disbelieve in Intelligent Design, just ask several Popes and 11,000 other American Christian Clergy members who not only don't agree with it, but they argue that teaching is propagates ignorance.

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