Monday, December 31, 2007

What if?

OK, let's get a little Sci-Fi-ish and ask a question: What if we could travel to another planet and witness the actual start of life from non-living material to living material through development and growth at billions of times the rate that biology theories tell us it happened on Earth?

Aside from all the Schroedinger's Cat comments I am just thinking about the responses from Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents when news of that comes back the Earth. The most fun would be listening to the crashes outside the Discovery Institute as their Spin machines went out of control. But I can hear some of the diehards now:

Conspiracy Theory nuts would say "It's a conspiracy, we never went there and saw it. It's like the Moon Landing the Government says we did in the 1960's. It's all faked!"

Evolution bashers would say "Just because it happened that way on another planet doesn't mean that's how it happened that way here! I mean look at the time frame so that has to be completely different!"

Religious fanatics would try and co-opt the whole thing: "Well obviously God (or maybe an intelligent agent) did it for reasons we will never understand."

The ones who refuse to believe in fossil evidence would say "Well obviously the Devil did it to trick you into still believing your atheistic ways just like he maintains a factory to create fossils to fool you."

The Discovery Institute would gather all of these up and create their own theory and ask the conspiracy nuts, the evolution bashers, religious fanatics, and anti-fossil groups to support their idea of "Not-On-Our-Earth-ism"

I know, silly, but as I was writing and reading comments about that article it just occurred to me and I decided to have a little fun with it. I wonder what else I can "What If" about?

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