Monday, December 24, 2007

South Carolina is one of the next battlegrounds

Poor South Carolina! I believe they are being poorly served by some members of their school board. They are 'revisiting' their science standards and textbooks and one of their members, Charles W. McKinney, is allowing an airing of things previously settled in other venues. Kansas and Ohio went this way, as did Dover PA. I hope they remembered what happened to the members of the school board who did it . . .most of them were voted out and the school boards removed the 'changes' they had made. So far I like the odds!

I figured this was coming and I had hoped I was wrong. I am looking to hear about the 9 Jan school Board meeting. Apparently Kenneth Miller, a co-author of the text Mr. McKinney is complaining about. He's already addressed it in writing to the school board and he's going to be present in person. I wish I could be. I'll have to find out if the school meetings are televised and I might find it on YouTube!

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