Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flock of Dodos review bring up interesting point

If you haven't heard about it, "LOCK OF DODOS: THE EVOLUTION -INTELLIGENT DESIGN CIRCUS" is a movie about the supposed controversy over teaching Intelligent Design in the classroom. This review of the film is excellent but it bring to home a serious point:
"If not broached further, evolution can be trivialized more and more, and folks who champion the fact of evolution will be as ancient as those who view the Earth as a flat surface, and we’d have no one to blame but ourselves."

Scientists, science teachers, doctors, parents, and really anyone who thinks science is something critical to the future of humanity should see this as a call to arms. More has to be done to improve science education in this country. When something like Intelligent Design can gain such popular support that should indicate a problem. When a group like the Discovery Institute can cause such enormous expense on behalf of school boards across the country through nothing but marketing, that indicates the problem is serious. When University finds it's tenure decisions questions when it was pretty obvious the person failed to meet the tenure requirements or a prestigious organization like Woods Hole is the subject of a lawsuit because an employee refused to do the job they were hired to do, that indicates the problem is also widespread.

It's time to put an end to such nonsense and it starts in school! Every school board meeting should be examined for evidence of not only attempts to teach Intelligent Design, but efforts to water down evolution. Every person on a school board should be watched to make sure their personal religious beliefs aren't driving their behavior on the job, like South Carolina's Ms. Maguire. Every current lesson plan and curriculum guidance change from this day forward should be the subject of details validation to make sure it remains focused on science and not pseudo-science. And every parent should take a long hard look at what is being taught to their children and make sure the focus is where it belongs. I know few parents who wish a science biology class should teach their children theology as much as they want their local priest, rabbi, iman, reverend . . . teaching science during services.

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