Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why should it matter is a president doesn't believe in Evolution?

In a couple of previous posts I declared that I would not vote for a presidential candidate that didn't 'believe' in evolution. A few people took offense and asked why was this important. In my opinion the United States of America is facing a number of problems. War, terrorism, global climate changes, energy, medicine, to name a few. Who is going to fix all this? Not a leader who doesn't profess is accepting science! How can we improve science education is the person at the top doesn't agree with it? I believe GW Bush did serious damage to our education system when he stood up at a speech and said "Look what being a 'C' student can get you!" How many students lost the will to try when they realized a 'C' student got elected President? We cannot had someone at the top who doesn't understand or accept science!

Science education is the start of how to fix many of the problems facing us. We need scientists, scientists who know how to think, scientists who know how to track down a solution to the problems facing us. Prayer is a wonderful avenue, but I want something more proactive to introduce change.

Personally I think half of the candidates who profess to not believing in evolution are just pandering for votes. But the other half are pretty scary. They are repeating many of the marketing mantras of the Discovery Institute. I will not vote for either type. I hate panderers and I really cannot stand someone who wants to replace science with religion! I am making no bones about it, Intelligent Design is a religious point of view and has failed any effort to be considered science! It matters and one day you will think so as well when the Doctor overseeing your care is clueless on how to help you because his medical school didn't teach evolution!

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