Friday, January 11, 2008


I have decided to Evolution and Intelligent Design type slogans, you know something perfect for tee-shirt imprinting. I'll be adding to it once in a while but in the meantime here are a few I think I thought up:

  1. "Please be patient, I'm evolving as fast as I can!"
  2. "Intelligent Design, does THIS body look intelligently designed to you?"
  3. "Evolution: The answer to a 4.5 billion year old mystery!"
  4. "Intelligent Design: The answer to . . .?"
  5. "Creationism, it's not just for Sunday any more!"
  6. "Dover, PA, 700+ days since ruling against Intelligent Design and still on the face of the planet! Take THAT, Pat Robertson!"
  7. "An example of Evolution in action: The continuing evolution of Creationism . . . Creation Science . . . Intelligent Design . . . "
  8. "Dover: 1, Intelligent Design: 0"
  9. "Who is South Carolina's Kristin Maguire?"
  10. "Forwarding Emails can be hazardous to your career, in Texas"
  11. "Professor Gonzales, you have to actually DO something to get tenure!"
  12. "Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: Where people actually get fired for not doing their job!"
If you see any, or create one yourself, please drop me a line. All credit will be properly given! I know, some of the references are obscure, but it's buried somewhere in my blog.

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