Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slogans II

Orlando Sentinel: Mike Thomas Blog: Top 10 reasons supporting evolution

10) John McCain is 6,002 years old.

9) Imagine if you are God trying to explain random mutations to a guy transcribing with a chisel and slate.

8) Using primitive nucleic acids and amino acids, scientists now can create a Fox News analyst.

7) John Madden may be long-sought transitional species.

6) Tribe of gorillas in Rhodesia observed using YouTube debate instead of chest thumping to select leader.

5) An intelligent designer would have stopped at dolphins.

4) The International Fight League.

3) Lassie really was saying that Timmy was trapped in the Old Bronson coal mine east of town.

2) Researchers at Yerke Primate Institute have taught chimpanzee to pass the LSAT.

1) Goosebumps.

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