Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Humor III

I was hurting because this one had me laughing so hard -- well it was trying to, but I was looking at it while in a meeting and I guess I pulled something form smothering my laughter. Just imagine if science turned the tables and used the same tactics on Creationist/Intelligent Design proponents that like to use on us. You have to read the latest from Unconfirmed Sources.

(Jackson County Florida) Ucs News : Supporters of Intelligent Design, the new Creation Science, were dealt a major set back by the 5th circuit court. According to a court decision released today, Judge Davis Smith ruled that Evolution must be taught in church Sunday schools. The case of Moore vs. the Church of the Holy Moment is a landmark, The judge ruled that the science of evolution must be given equal time with the myth of creation. According to the 58 page decision "If creationists want to infiltrate public schools they better be prepared for scientists to visit their churches.

Church members are torn over the controversy, while many believe the schools should be teaching creationism in biology classes they are themselves disgusted the ruling of the court. "These judges can't tell us what to teach our children! they can't decide to push their view point in our church!" Stated an angry Sunday school teacher.

The court ruling also requires the Church to attach a sticker to their bible covers.

"This Bible Contains material on creation. Creation is a theory, not a fact, regarding the Origin of Species. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered in the light of modern science."

Oh yea, like we would get a chance at affixing sticker to their Bibles! Oh but the mental imagery is the best! Their tactics in Dover, PA, and Atlanta, GA, and other areas turned back on themselves! I love the irony.

We could augment this by voting to not allow the use of the Bible during services, just like Ms. Maguire tried to do in South Carolina, or even arrange to fire a clergy person because they sent off an email about an Intelligent Design speaker in Texas. Oh I Love it! Now I am going to get a wrap for my ribs before I do any more damage!

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