Friday, January 11, 2008

Planetary Alert - Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)

I think the writer of this work, "The Atlas of Creation" lives on a different planet than the rest of us. Adnan Oktar, nom de plume Harun Yahya, has set the calendar back centuries in his writings. I am posting this here so Americans can know that not all creationist movements are confined to the United States. After reading a bit more about him, his tactics make the Discovery Institute look like pikers. People are afraid of speaking out against him becuase they are afraid of being attacked by radical Islamists and the organization he founded, Science Research Foundation.

The author's comments, just in the introduction, really show his detachment from the world.

  • [Darwin's findings] could not be supported by any subsequent scientific findings [huh?]
  • By carrying out a great deal of research and investigation, and by establishing artificial environments in laboratories, they sought to come up with findings that would corroborate Darwin's theory. However, every piece of research and every new finding they obtained, only constituted evidence that refuted evolution rather than confirming it. [so apparently all biological science is false]
  • The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution's claims. Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. [Never changed?]
  • We never underwent evolution; we were created. [standard creationist line here, but when tied with the rest -- disturbing]
  • the theory of evolution is a major hoax and deception in the history of science. [at least he is consistent]
Check out his bio on Wikipedia, he's scary!

Oct 2008 update. Someone sent me a link of a series of YouTube videos walking through the so-called 'Atlas of Creation" I've only watched the first one, but it was enlightening. I'll be looking at the rest over the next few days.

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