Monday, December 24, 2007

So Intelligent Design has nothing to do with Religion?

So why is it being vigorously defended by Grant Swank, pastor at New Hope Church in Windham, Maine. Read this article of his, it makes a common argument that evolution is a religious belief. Thankfully science works whether you belief it or not. His arguments do more damage to the position of the Discovery Institute than any damage he thinks he's doing to Evolution.

The Cristian Post is doing the same here, World News (Christian Views) here, and the Conservative Voice [The Conservative Voice is dedicated to Faith, Family, Freedom] here. You know in perusing these websites I can't find much interest in any scientific theories, so I have to assume their interest has nothing to do with science. But they are repeating Discovery Institute mantras over and over again. "Teach the controversy", "Evolution is another religion", "It's just a theory", Academic freedom and free speech" . . . you get the point.

I have only listed 4 here, but there are plenty more. Submit a Google agent for "Intelligent Design' and look at the results. You'll be surprised how many religious and faith-based web sites preach the Discovery Institute line. So Discovery Institute keep on lying to us. Sooner or later the small community of adherents might figure it out for themselves. In the meantime the rest of the world, including the vast majority of Christians, will continue to enjoy laughing at your transparent tactics and enjoy your defeats.

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