Monday, December 31, 2007

Great article on "Belief in Evolution"

You gotta read "Is the Theory of Evolution Really a Matter of Faith?" By Leonard Steinhorn and Charles Steinhorn posted on the History News Network. It addresses some of my earlier posts and does it in a very succinct manner. I wish I could write this well! It addresses the marketing tactics of "Belief in Evolution", "Evolution is just a Theory", and takes a broader look at how "belief" is impacting more than just science. Plus how the press gives it an unearned legitimacy by treating it like it was actually a theory rather than what it really is, a mask over religion. Thank you Professors Steinhorn!

As I have always believed (pun intended) science works whether you believe in it or not. If religion worked the same way, how many different belief systems would exist?

I am not doing this to knock religion, since I know most of the Christians in the world agree with me on what Intelligent Design really is and hate the way the Discovery Institute is trying to use them to advance their very fundamentalist agenda. One of my friends was furious about an article that equated belief in God with being anti-science and pro-Intelligent Design. I sent him a link to this article, I can't wait to hear his comments!

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