Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee

These Four politicians have guaranteed my personal position that the Republican Party has lost it! Each have questioned evolution, some more strongly than others. I was annoyed when Little Bush made his comment that Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. I was happy that he didn't bother and 'clarify' his lack of thinking. But these four are being truly ridiculous! The Republicans are becoming the Fundamentalist Party of America! The religious right has been making inroads in politics and these four, supposedly educated, individuals pander so nicely to that crowd that it makes me ill.

Now I wish Little Bush had been put on the spot and made to explain what he meant by 'teaching intelligent design in schools." I gave him the benefit of the doubt by allowing the possibility he was talking about a philosophy class and not as science, but I think that was my wishful thinking.

I have never thought of myself as a one-issue voter, but I guess this time I am a one-issue non-voter. Any supposed educated politician who refuses to support science is the enemy and will not get my vote. Period, end of statement. I no longer care what else these four yahoos stand for, their arguments against science would be a serious disservice to our country and education. Some are a bit more scary than others, but I will not be voting for any of them. Either they have let their personal religious interfere in leading this country, or they have bought into the Discovery Institute marketing schemes and either one is unforgivable. I fear the damage what people like Kirstin Maguire of South Carolina and Robert Scott of Texas can do with such political top cover!

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