Monday, December 10, 2007

Dallas Morning News on the Comer firing

The Dallas Morning News released an interview with Robert Scott, education commissioner of the Texas Education Agency in Austin in their Opinion section of the paper. Talk about a load of nothing.

First he denies her email about the presentation was the reason for her being forced out, he cites other factors and then cannot list them for legal concerns. His idea of damage control quickly went out the window. Read it for yourself: "That's an absolute falsehood. It's a personnel matter. The really frustrating part about this is, if I start talking about activities and things that happened, I get sued. So all I can say is that there are other factors, and I understand that certain interest groups would like to pick upon that one issue and make it the issue of the day. ... That's their business, but that's not how we're running the agency." Sure other factors, well what were they?

When asked shouldn't his agency be an advocate for Evolution, because it's a required course of study in Texas schools, his reply was: "
I don't think the impression was that we were taking a position in favor of evolution. We teach evolution in public schools. It's part of our curriculum. But you can be in favor of a science without bashing people's faith, too. I don't know all the facts, but I think that may be the real issue here. I can't speak to motivation but ... we have standards of conduct and expect those standards of conduct to be followed." How political! He doesn't know all the facts, yet he wants to comment on it. More blah - blah - blah without providing any support. We only seem to have two facts at our disposal. One -- Ms. Comer was forced out and Two -- it was based on an email from Lisette Reynolds who objected to her even giving the impression that she was doing her job.

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