Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ever Read Non Sequiter

Non Sequiter is a comic strip, that along with Dilbert, I try and read daily. It's not only amusing, but many days hits really close to home. Today's strip was no exception. The girl Danae was excited about history class because " . . it's as much fun as science class! . . .Now we just make up our own facts, and if anyone refutes it, we brand them as a hate monger." Her reaction to a letter home from the principal, "Hey, you're the one always telling me to try acting like an adult . . ."

It would be much less funny if it weren't so true. Many of the families involved in the Dover PA lawsuit can tell you from personal experience. How can anyone take a Christian Family, who attend services regularly and are raising their children in their Christ faith, and brand then an Atheist because they disagree with Intelligent Design. There is something wrong when the judge in the case has to get bodyguards and security because he received death threats because of his ruling. Advocates of Intelligent Design claim to support Free Speech, well some of you apparently think Free Speech means agree with me or die.

For my postings here and in response to other news articles and blogs I have been accused of Atheism, Agnosticism, and being the Anti-Christ. Now all of these accusations came without anyone actually asking me about my beliefs. The simple fact I disagreed with them made me some sort of heathen in their eyes. While I haven't had death threats, when people respond in such a way it just convinces me that there is an American Taliban! We claim to be a country of freedoms, yet when someone is expressing themselves opening and freely, they get threatened?
I have never, nor will I ever threaten the life of someone who supports Intelligent Design. I will however strongly object to any attempts to have that idea taught as legitimate science in a science classroom. I will do my best to attack your arguments verbally and in print. I will try and expose your arguments as lies, when I believe you to be lying (evolution JUST a theory), I will call your arguments vaporware when I believe them to be completely vacuous (Intelligent Design is science), and I will laugh at your efforts to defend yourself when even you have to know how indefensible your position currently is (The Discovery Institute as a believer in academic freedom). But I will lay down my life to defend your ability to have such an indefensible position -- as I committed to during my time in the US Military.

I expect the same respect and courtesy that I am giving you. But I know which one of us makes use of the hate mongering. It's the side that has no other recourse than threats and labeling because they have no choice given what they are trying to sell to the American People.

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