Thursday, December 13, 2007

God carries gasoline!

I think I need to encourage folks to comment here rather than email, but I guess any feedback does tell you someone is reading -- even if they tend to get annoyed.

Got another email with some interesting feedback. Let me address things here rather than respond one-on-one.

(1) You might think because the only time I mentioned prayer was when my car might not have started that I am some sort of Atheist and quoting me "There are no atheist in foxholes" is going to get my goat, you are in error. Before you accuse me of being someone who only prays when they are in trouble, or when their sports team is on the verge of elimination, do me a favor and ask me first! You have no idea my belief system or my religion. I have repeated stated I am against Intelligent Design and Creationism in Science Class! My reasoning is spelled out in many posts. I used the car analogy to make a point, which you obviously missed.

(2) Now as I said in my post God may have reached down and helped my car start -- or it would have started because the science and engineering behind it made sure it would start under those brutal condition. I cannot prove it either way and I would have no idea how to start. As for your car analogy I would love to see you prove it:

You are driving along and suddenyl you run out of gas and your car won't start. Miraculously a tow truck driver pulls in behind you and already has a gas can full that you can use.

You see this as proof of Intelligent Design? OK, you need to be much more clearer because I thought you made my science point for me. First of all the reason the car wouldn't go is because you were OUT OF GAS! This is pure science because it's been proven many a late night on a small quit road without a service station in sight that car's need gas to run. You can claim all you wish about how you happened to run out of gas, including divine intervention, but trying to use this as an example of Intelligent Design in biology beats the hell outa me. Now again you could say God sent the tow truck guy, but what is the Intelligent Design point of that part of the argument. You missed me completely. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I know a number of people who wound up walking to get gas. One Thanksgiving a family ran out of gas right around the corner of my house as my family and I were out strolling after eating a wonderful dinner. We took them to get more gas and helped them on their way. Did God intervene? Maybe he did, but proving it would be impossible! Even the Discovery Institute wouldn't try and sell that one.

(3) My posts are not for your enjoyment and they are not there to preach Atheism. [can Atheism actually be preached?] The purpose of this blog is to give me an avenue for venting more than anything. I see something incredibly foolish going on and I refuse to keep silent. If no one reads my posts, OK, no worries there. But obviously at least you did! Thanks!

OK in closing go ahead and use the comments feature, they are enabled. So that way if anyone else is reading, they might like to see your feedback. Oh, and as far as I know using intemperate language does show up in comments as well as emails!

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