Thursday, June 4, 2009

What has science done for me?

A poster on Topix, posted this little gem "Benefits Of The Evolutionary Sciences "

I await with eager expectation the forthcoming public announcement that the Institute for Creation Research supports the placement of the following warning label on all medication approved by the FDA:

"WARNING: This product has been conceived, designed, and tested using the theory of evolution as its scientific model. Use of this product constitutes acceptance of the validity of the theory of evolution before both God and man. Anyone using this product does so at their own spiritual risk."
Now while I laughed about it, it also made me think. What in our modern grocery stores, at least the food items, would not have this label on it? Even in the 'organic' aisle the items there are the result of selective breeding for disease and drought resistance. The fresh fruits, grains, and meats have all be touched . . and many times more than touched . . . by evolutionary sciences.

Now lets expand beyond the grocery store and look at how science has impacted each and every aspect of our life. The way we travel, communicate, interact, work . . . there is nothing untouched by science and scientific methodology. And this is what people like the Discovery Institute want to throw away without having anything actually useful or workable in it's place? Pretty unrealistic to me, and pretty damn dangerous!

So let's get a little personal. What has science done for me? The food I eat . . . certainly. The work I do . . . absolutely. The car, phone, computer are also obvious examples. Science saved the life of one of my daughters shortly after she was born and helps my other daughter deal with an ongoing condition. It saved the life of my granddaughter just a couple of years ago.

Some people may very well want to attribute all this to God. OK, fine! But I will ask you to remember an oft quoted piece of advice, "God helps those who help themselves." Science is the ultimate self-help system! I for one appreciate that.

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