Monday, June 22, 2009

Florida for Science Stick-Figure contest

The Florida for Science crowd had a hilarious Stick Figure contest, the objective was to boil down issues in the public misunderstanding of science into a stick figure cartoon. Here are the results:

Third place goes to Entry E submitted by Brooke Lundquist from Niceville, FL.

Second place goes to Entry G submitted by Benjamin Tichy from Calistoga, CA.

And first place goes to Entry C submitted by Richard Korzekwa from Los Alamos, NM.

I tried to enter myself, but I don't think even stick-figures are within my artistic abilities. OK, you caught me. It wasn't the figures, it was trying to fit the words in the tiny little balloons. You know me, why use one word when 10 will do!

I will plug one of the online strips that I read regularly,, who have certainly taken stick figures to a new level. If you read xkcd, you have to remember to put the mouse over the strip itself to get the full effect of the strip.