Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Secular Priests?

The Discovery Institute must think we are all completely dead from the neck up. OK, everyone, how many of you think that scientists, including doctors, are nothing more than priests? Well that is what the DI claims in their post "Atheism, for Good Reason, Fears Questions". Have we in fact traded one set of robes for another? Well if you listen to the Di, that's all we have done. They are in error . . . which should surprise no one.

This is one of their run-of-the-mill tactics to bring science down to their level, since they have failed miserable at bring religion up to the level of science.

Let's see the difference between going to a priest and going to a doctor for a medical condition.

  • The priest prays, while the doctor examines you
  • The priest prays while the doctor determines not only your condition., but the cause
  • The priest prays while the doctor prescribes a course of treatment
  • The priest prays while your condition be being treated.
The priest and the doctor are not equivalent. One has theology, a shared belief system. The other has so many more tools at their disposal. No, medical science is not perfect. people still get sick and die. But how many conditions are treatable! Life can be, and in many cases prolonged! Ask my diabetic Friends how well prayer works to regulate blood sugar levels? Ask my granddaughter whose heart beat reached over 248 because medication brought it back to normal. Ask people if glasses, contacts, even laser eye surgery allows them to see clearer. Ask about hearing aids, wheelchairs, pacemakers . . . how long is this list? Incredible isn't it.

No, we have not traded one set of robes for a lab coat. What we have done is traded superstition for facts. We have traded belief in the supernatural for the evidence of modern medicine.

Dave Mauriello made the same point is his post "Experts" and experts are not comparable. I can only agree wholehearted with him!

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