Friday, June 12, 2009

Klinghoffer making excuses

In response to some of the comments made about his foolish propaganda, Klinghoffer offers this 'explanation':

"Ladies & Gentlemen, I didn't link this guy with evolutionary thinking. He did that himself. I only quoted him. Should the media than scrupulously avoid noting what the suspect himself said about his motivations in hating Jews and others? Also, while many scientists see Darwinian theory as merely descriptive, not prescriptive, some have indeed seen it as both and so clearly does the suspect in this case. This is real life not a seminar in the philosophy of science." (David Klinghoffer, June 11, 2009 11:19 AM, reply to a comment posted under "James von Brunn, Evolutionist")
No Klinghoffer, you did more than just quote him. You are the one claiming that he is an Evolutionist. You are the one who want people who read your foolish post that von Brunn is some sort of evil genius with a firm grasp of science and evolution. You are the one who want to make people think scientists are Nazi's in sheep's clothing. You are the one making these connections. Where the rest of us see a sick human being, a racist, a violent, murderer and terrorist, you use his meandering words to justify your own agenda.

So according to Klinghoffer a racist supremacist with no understanding of evolutionary theory and who randomly and without comprehension uses a few words and concepts lifted from biology makes him an Evolutionist? No Klinghoffer, you did MUCH more than quote him, you put your own spin and label on his words. von Brunn didn't link himself to evolutionary thinking, it took your lack of intellectual honesty to try and make that connection.

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