Thursday, June 11, 2009

David Kinghoffer is . . . . right this second there are no words!

Ladies and Gentlemen who peruse these pages. I try and maintain a civil discourse. I do not moderate comments, although I do like to comment back. I will freely admit that I have shown less than a high degree of respect for some people, Casey Luskin and Kennie Ham come to immediate mind, although I am sure there are others.

However David Klinghoffer, senior fellow of at the Discovery institute has sunk to a level that practically leaves me speechless. There are no words to describe him!

OK, let me cool off for a sec and lay a little ground work. I completely disagree with the Ben Stein, and others, who claim that Darwin is responsible for the Nazi Eugenic program. I pretty much have made that clear. In my opinion the Nazi's would have found any excuse to do what they did. Claiming some sort of racial superiority is not support by evolutionary sciences! Darwin never claimed it did and no scientist since has supported that position. There is no 'hierarchy' of some things being more evolved than others. Evolution is a process not a ladder.

It's when humans make such a judgment that the issue tends to get confusing. Folks like Ham, Stein, and others like to use that confusion to make false and unsupported statements about Darwin and his work.

OK, I am a tiny bit calmer. Enter Klinghoffer. According to him, the assault at the Holocaust Museum just yesterday was done by an Evolutionist. I caught this from John Lynch's new Blog 'A Simple Prop'. "Klinghoffer: Terrorist was an evolutionist". I really couldn't believe my eyes. I had little respect for Klinghoffer but now I have absolutely none! I really hope other groups, particularly groups impacted by the Holocaust respond to this level of insanity. Klinghoffer wrote his POS over on BeliefNet: "James von Brunn, Evolutionist". He claims that von Brunn, a racist and home-grown terrorist is an Evolutionist!

No Klinghoffer, he is a Racist! He is a Terrorist! He is a Murderer! Calling him an Evolutionist is nothing but you bending over and kissing the feet of your Masters over at the Discovery Institute and using this as propaganda for your marketing scheme. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I have learned that shame doesn't enter into the politicking and marketing hype of the Discovery institute. I am sure you will find support from other people who think like you do. I wouldn't be surprised at all. The problem is are you actually 'thinking'? I don't believe so. Blaming the Theory of Evolution for this tragedy is a perfect example of your lazy intellectual ideas. Rather than understand what the Theory of Evolution actually says and what it does not say, you feel free to use it in such a way that is, at it's core a lie! I beloieve that you know it's a lie, but you propogate it anyway.

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