Thursday, March 4, 2010

Texas finally acts, or I should say Texans!

"McLeroy, Miller upset in SBOE elections" McLeroy, the poster child for how not to lead a State School Board, is gone. the people of Texas have spoken and like their compatriots in Kansas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania they are voted out the more public examples of school board foolishness.You should remember Don, the dentist turned science-denier who tried to lead Texas School children down a very embarrassing path. So last year he did not receive the support of the State Legislature when they refused to confirm him as the School Board President and he certainly received a message in the Tuesday Primary when he got booted out of office. While some of what he did will take a while to recover from, his main objectives were never achieved. Cynthia Dunbar , who many feared would try and take the school board back to McLaLaland also lost. Things are looking good in the Great State of Texas.

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