Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks for your patience

I haven't been around in nearly 5 months. I started a new project at work and it's been interesting. In a short I am helping take over an undocumented project, moving it to a real support environment, and making changes all while trying to learn how the damn thing works. Oh and at the same time not interrupting service to several hundred users while adding several thousand more. So it's been a bit busy, but I am going to do my best to get back engaged.

On that note you really need to check out this xkcd comic: If you fail to see the connection with a Tautology and the whole Evolution vs ID political debate, they you need to read more on the subject :-)

As I start getting back engaged, I noticed that the Discovery Institute's little casey luskin is still pushing crap. I know I am being less than politically correct, but do you really think little casey deserves respect for failing to comprehend a single point about the science of which he is so prolifically ignorant. Take this little missive: Tiktaalik Blown "Out of the Water" by Earlier Tetrapod Fossil Footprints. Yes, other terapod transitional forms have been discovered, but he attempt to place them into some sort of carved-in-stone-timeline clearly shows that he has no concept of fossils, paleontology, or even basic math. He ignores the papers written about Tiktaalik and paints a picture either based on ignorance or lying. Either way he is wrong. Now I know what my opinion on whether he is truly ignorant or lying out his a**. You can form your own opinion, just read some of his posts. I would also recommend you look on this blog, Pharyugula, or Thoughts From Kansas and search for some of the comments about little casey. It's pretty pathetic when you realize how little he understands -- but then again he in a lawyer and not a scientist or any sort.

Sorry for my absence, I will do my best to be here on a more regular basis,



  1. Glad to see you back and OK. I was afraid that something happened and that you had passed over. I was going to dump you from my links. That may have cost you 2 page views per week. You would think Casey would know better. These guys seem to think it is required for the ancestral population to die off immediately as soon as some population with novel features splits off from it.

  2. No, I am too ornery to die. God doesn't want me and the Devil is too scared I would take over :-) I just got busy as hell. First day on the project and I was traveling to get a look at the system before we took it over. It's been a busy 5 months. I didn't even teach anything last semester.

    I gave up thinking that little casey would know anything. He's just following the party line that there has to be one single unbroken string for evolution to be true. He, and the others at the DI, simply ignore anything that proves them to be wrong. Which means they ignore an awful lot.