Thursday, March 11, 2010

Intelligent Design - Ohio -- Just for Laughs

Someone sent me a URL for the Intelligent Design Network of Ohio and for a second I was worried that it was rearing it's ugly head once again. Then I took a perusal and realized that the last entry was the middle of last year so I figured it wasn't anything new. I was right. Take a look for yourself. Nothing but warmed-over pseudo-science and the normal whines and misrepresentations. For example 'Truth' and 'Objectivity' are spelled correctly, but the person who maintains the site has no clue about the meaning of the words.

Let's dive back to some stuff i posted a couple of years ago, when i was focused on the definitions of words like 'Theory', 'Belief', 'Hypothesis' . . . and a few others. So let's look at the words being misrepresented on this ID site.

Here is the definition of 'Objectivity' -- expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations ( So whoever posted on this idiotic site thinks that opening up science to religion is objective? Really, Sherlock? Did you miss the part of the definition of 'personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations?' Obviously. If you want to be objective, then try and study ANY scientific subject without the use of your religion colored glasses. If religion is so objective, why are there WARS over them? Why are there hundreds, if not thousands, of religions? Why do the majority of Christians have no issue with the Theory of Evolution? Do questions like this occur to the ID'iots running this site? Of course not, that would be an attempt at objectivity, and they prove they do not understand the word.

And now before defining the other word they don't have a clue about, here is something from their site that just cracked me up:

Have you noticed there is no observable, experimental, falsifiable evidence for:
life from non-life
Darwin's "tree of life"
descent with modification?
(If not, look it up for yourself; there is none!)
BTW, this if from the link about 'Truth'! Simply stated this is a LIE. Plain talk -- there is evidence, there are many experiments, and mountains of evidence! True, we do not know every detail, but we know an incredible amount. So the purveyors of this stupid site attempt some supposed level of truth start out with a lie to support themselves. I think that's enough for now. If you need the definition of Truth, check out I know the ID site's authors won't. I mean what in the world interest do they have with anything that deals in facts and reality when they can convince themselves that a Lie is the Truth. Pretty pathetic sales job there, no wonder you rarely post anything.

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  1. They were pretty active back in 2002-2003, when the Ohio State BoE was adopting ID creationist-tinged Benchmarks for 10th grade biology. But over the last couple of years the state IDNet has pretty much faded into the woodwork.