Monday, March 23, 2009

Turnabout is fair play!

Kem Ham is off his rocker -- well that's old news, so how about "Ken Ham has provided more evidence he's off his rocker." Does that sound better?

So what has he done now? Well about a year ago Michael Zimmerman was scheduled to do an interview last year on a fundamentalist Christian radio show. Michael is from Butler University and one of the driving forces behind the Clergy Letter Project, which I have mentioned several times. Well when he went on the air he discovered that Ken Ham was also on the line -- fully prepared to debate him. This is the best part:

"When asked why neither the host nor Ken had the courtesy to inform me that I was to participate in a debate rather than in an interview, I was told that they believed that I wouldn’t have accepted their offer had I been told the truth. When I questioned them about the deception, I was told that since the debate was to further God’s wishes, a minor deception of this sort was acceptable."
So Kennie and his buds ambushed Michael. And of course this "minor deception of this sort was acceptable" in the eyes of God! Why, because little kennie Ham says so! How many times have I mentioned the "Liars for Jesus" Club, apparently Ham is a charter member.

OK, so why is this funny a year later? Apparently the BBC turned the tables on one of little kennie's pets, Jason Lisle, who was surprised to find that a scheduled interview on the BBC was actually to be a debate with Genie Scott of the National Center for Science Education. Of course kennie is crying all sorts of moral outrage!

So I guess it's OK for kennie to rig the game, but it's terribly unfair for anyone else to! That takes balls, little kennie! I guess he figured no one would remember. I got the story from the Clashing Culture Blog and also saw it on Exploring our Matrix! I probably should pop over and read kennie's words, but not until I've had breakfast. Can't handle kennie's hypocrisy on an empty stomach.

Addendum: I did wander over to AiG, after getting something in my stomach, and looked at what kennie had to say. He railed against the BBC and even claimed the same thing happened to him -- of course offering no details for verification. So in my opinion Kennie is just cheap version of Bill O'Reilly. You might remember when Bill was railing against paparazzi, yet he had no issue using the identical tactics to ambush politicians? Well Kennie is just upset because someone used his own tactic against him. Seriously hypocritical! As Bugs Bunny would say "What a maroon!"

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