Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bible is NOT an economics text!

OK, in the past I have blogged against what I consider mistreatment and even disrespect to the Bible. I have frequently stated that the Bible is NOT an astronomy textbook and it certainly is not a Biology textbook and treating it as such does a disservice to the whole concept of God!

Well now I can add a new one. The Bible is NOT an economics textbook either, but I guess NY Times columnist Stanley Fish would disagree with me. In his latest column, "Faith and Deficits", Stanley concludes that not only is the Bible apparently an economics textbook, but that the only thing that will fix the economy is Faith.

So I guess Stanley has an inside track to not only understand God, but predict God's interest in all things economic and how God plans to intervene. What happened to God helps those who help themselves, there Stanley?

OK, you can read it for yourself, if you are interested. To me it's nothing more than another example of someone trying to use people's faith to help solve their own financial worries! I mean how do various televangelists afford those expensive suits?

No I am not anti-Bible, and neither am I anti-God, but I am certainly becoming more and more anti-religion as people like Stanley seem to want to use peoples beliefs to some purpose of their own, even if it means misusing the Bible. Sorry, not my cuppa tea!

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