Monday, March 16, 2009

Am I prejudiced against the ICR and the DI?

A question was raised recently "Am I prejudiced against the Institute for Creation Research and the Discovery Institute?" The answer is . . . well I will let you figure that out by the end of this post.

First of all being for or against something WITHOUT any actual knowledge is prejudice. Get the point? Here, check out Websters:

Prejudice (1): preconceived judgment or opinion (2): an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge b: an instance of such judgment or opinion c: an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics.
OK, let's start, 'preconceived'! Did I have a preconceived opinion? No, I didn't even know of these organizations existence until I started looking into this cultural and political debate. Since then I have formed an opinion, but it cannot be said to be a preconception.

Let's try the next part 'formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge'. Without just grounds, without sufficient knowledge? While we can get into a long debate about 'just' and 'sufficient', for me you have an organization like the DI that lies in support of their religious convictions, supports other people lying, claims controversy where none exists, and continually misleads anyone who disagrees with them. You have another organization who claims to be doing scientific work without any respect of scientific methodology, one who starts with their preferred answer and either denies the existence of opposing evidence, or mis-represents what the opposing evidence in order to not change their pre-determined answer. I think I have both formed a just and sufficiently knowledgeable opinion.

No, as you can see I have a definite opinion on the ICR, the DI, the Thomas More Law Center, and all the other groups who using the tactics of lies and misrepresentation to achieve their goals. It is not an opinion in favor of any of them! If you want specific examples, read back through my blog, you'll find lots of them!

In my opinion those groups have cornered the market on prejudice! They start is an idea and nothing presented to them can possibly change their tightly closed minds. That certainly sounds more like prejudice to me!

As for my opinion -- I don't think any of those organizations have much value in existing. You might disagree with me, as is your right. But don't tell me I am being prejudiced, because my opinion is based on their own behavior, published writings, and websites. As one friend told me, "It ain't prejudiced when it's based on fact!"

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