Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latest from Texas: McLeroy out? Dunbar in?

The Huston Chronicle is reporting "McLeroy opposed as board of ed leader". This should be a positive note for Texas school children and the teaching of science in the Great State of Texas. However the same article is predicting who Gov. Perry would put in his place

"There is speculation in the Capitol and within the Texas Education Agency that Gov. Rick Perry might elevate Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, to lead the board. Like McLeroy, Dunbar also holds strong Christian beliefs and recently authored a book that advocates more religion in the public square."
While ousting McLeroy from the leadership position would be a good thing. Elevating Dunbar would not. She's posted essays accusing President Obama of siding with Terrorists and being a Marxist. (Texas Freedom Network "More Extremism from Cynthia Dunbar")

Ms. Dunbar also wrote a book "One Nation Under God". I haven't read it, but I peeked at it over at Amazon. Apparently the back cover reads
"We Must Not Stand Silent...while the foundational truths that made this nation great are being eroded. America is in danger from elements within and outside her borders that undermine the principles, beliefs and core truths upon which she was founded. Political pundits, liberals and social interest groups are trying to skew our constitutional ground rules. We need a compass to guide us back to the path of destiny and greatness. America needs people who know the truth, speak the truth and stand for the truth. Unfortunately, many of us are simply not aware of the clear constitutional and biblical principles that initiated and governed the course of this union. So we sit quietly and idly by as our liberties and freedoms are removed one by one.

It's time to be armed with the information that will help us stand and speak out with conviction. This book was written to help you do just that!

-How do we defend our American heritage against secular-humanistic viewpoints? -How do we reclaim our identity, grow in prosperity and lead as a nation? -How do we reposition America back toward its core beliefs and destiny?"

What I also find interesting are some of the comments by people who have read it:
  • Poorly written fanatical tirade
  • Terribly Dull, Dully Terrible
  • Making Texas a laughingstock
  • One Nation, under delusions
  • A thoughtful pedagogical view into the mind of a religious nutcase
To be fair, there were 9 reviews and two of them were positive:
  • This Book is a Beacon of Light
  • This is an excellant read [sic]
Is this the person Texas needs to lead the School Board? Or will they simply experience another McLeroy?

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