Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jerry Bergman has a book out, should we care?

Has anyone read "Slaughter of the Dissidents: The Shocking Truth about Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters" by Jerry Bergman?

I've seen a few news releases on it, and so far it looks pretty much like re-warmed nonsense.
His book is apparently, since I haven't read it, a long whine about how some folks -- starting with Jerry Bergman himself -- blame their own failures on prejudice and discrimination . . . yet have no actual evidence to back it up. I bet Guillermo Gonzalez, formerly of ISU, and Nathanial Abraham, formerly of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute are prominently on display. Funny how failure to meet the requirements of tenure (Gonzales) and failure to do the work you were hired to do (Abraham) probably won't be mentioned.

I wonder if Bergman will mention how each of them (Bergman, Gonzalez, and Abraham) had availed themselves of the appeal process and so far have failed. Wow, just looked up the author online, and it's funny. The article (Ohio scholar reports bias against 'Darwin doubters') says he has 9 degrees, yet the bio shows 5 -- wonder if he counts minors as a separate degree. Hmmm the bio ( also mentions how he was denied tenure because he claimed to have credentials in psychology when, in fact, he "had no psychological credentials." Gee, so it looks like, according to Jerry here, lying on your CV is synonymous with discrimination for religious reasons. I wonder if Jerry has been talking to Kennie Ham who also seems to think lying for God is OK.

I wonder if he talked to John Freshwater of Mount Vernon Ohio who not only got caught for teaching Creationism/Intelligent Design, but for burning a cross into student's arms. I will lay dollars on the line that he never discussed anything with Chris Comer who was fired for her job for doing her job. Stuff like that never seems to sink in to apologetics like Jerry.

On second thought I doubt Bergman has much new to say. If I see it around the Library I might read it . . .but I certainly won't be paying any money for it.

Just peeked at Leaf Cutter Press, the publisher. Funny how the article doesn't mention the CEO is Kevin Wirth, who is also behind the Access Research Network, one of the many anti-science organizations who claim to be impartial and objective . . yet never seem to be able to provide any viable scientific evidence for their position. Surprised Jerry didn't use the Discovery Institute Press.

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