Friday, May 29, 2009

Ah yes, an expected reaction from the DI

OK, some news from Texas has been getting better. Dentist and avowed Creationist Don McElroy is no longer the head of the School Board. This is a good thing, and while we should be concerned about his replacement -- as of yet unnamed. I blogged about who that might be here. It seems those less than stalwart fellows over at the DI have a comment to make.

"Texas Evolution Lobby Making Power Grabs to Promote Their Censorship Agenda" is an article from their 'news' site that implies some organized effort to . . . well you can read it for yourself.

In my opinion this is nothing by a radical projection by an organization who will stoop to no tactic, no matter how despicable, and then claim their opposition is doing it instead. It's not an example of the pot calling the kettle black. This is the pot claiming the kettle is black for no other reason than they have to spin it that way or they will look even more ridiculous than they already do.

Look at their own actions! Read back on a few of my blog entries. Let's see what they have been up to. It's not one action but a consistent and organized effort involving tactics of lies and misrepresentation in order to advanced their strictly religious agenda. As stated in another post how about the support the Discovery Institute gave to the misguided school board in Dover PA? How about the lies and misrepresentations the Discovery Institute told the Ohio State School Board? How about the "Teach the Controversy", "Academic Freedom" and "Strengths and Weaknesses" tactics used by the Discovery Institute? How about Tejon California, Guillermo Gonzales, Richard Sternberg, and how about the 700 mis-represented signatures on the Discovery Institute's "Dissent from Darwin" document? (look here, here and here). Let's look at the DI's Casey Luskin (here and here). How many times have they claimed not to be motivated by religion and yet here they are revealing themselves.

Over and over again they have attacked any critic using tactics that should insure a long time in whatever location of eternal damnation and punishment ascribed to their religious beliefs. And they don't care? No! Why not? Because apparently lying for Jesus is OK! Just ask Kennie Ham.

What is happening in Texas is a reaction, a reaction to the foolishness Don McLeroy dragged the State through. He stated many times in public that he was not motivated by his religious beliefs, yet his actions proved that he cannot separate himself from those beliefs. Either he is unwilling or unable to do the job he was elected and appointed to do. The Great State of Texas has the right to be concerned as to where a school board under his 'leadership' would take education. They have the right to be concerned and they have the right to take action.

But according to the Discovery Institute removing an obvious road block to a quality education is apparently not allowed. The people of Texas, through their legislature, does not have to right to make a change after it has been mislead, lied to, and even embarrassed by the actions of Don McLeroy. There is no effort to take control, but to return some level of sanity to the process, and I think that is what pisses the Discovery Institute off the worst. Their own involvement in Texas hasn't gone unnoticed. Members of every school board in the country should be looking very carefully before asking for the type of assistance Texas received from the Discovery Institute!

Texas, go forth and do the things you need to do to clean up this mess, a mess that was helped along by the ones who are now criticizing you. Watch who your Governor will be putting into that leadership position, watch them like a hawk! Also keep an eye on Don. He's still on the Board, something I hope you will deal with in the next set of elections. You need to be represented by people who have the education of your kids as their sole motivation! You should have the expectation of it, and you have the right, responsibility, and thankfully, the ability to do so!

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