Thursday, July 20, 2017

Taxes, Taxes, and Less Taxes . . . Or Will Kentucky Let Kennie Get Away With It?

Many years ago, at least in New York State, when you sold a car, you had to pay sales tax on the amount of the sale.  What happened over time was that sales not involving a dealer, often within families, was selling a car for $1.00 from one owner to the next.  The sales tax was just a few pennies on vehicles valued in the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.  Of course eventually the lawmakers caught on and changed the rules.  You can still sell your car for $1, but when the new owner registers it, there's more paperwork involved and they will end up with a sales tax bill based on the book value of the vehicle, not the sale price.

Little kennie ham is trying a similar thing and I do so hope the people of Grant County KY won't let him get away with it.  In an effort to avoid paying a tax that will be used to improve emergency services, he's sold the land the Ark Park sits on to himself.  Yes, his for-profit business sold the land to one of his non-profit ministries, land valued at $48 million dollars, for $10.  Not $10 million, $10.00.  It's his latest tactic to avoid paying taxes.

His for-profit business is still running things, he's just trying to skate out of that emergency services tax.  Look, Kentucky, if you enjoy being screwed over, then just lay there and take it.  You want some sort of theocracy, well look carefully because you seem to be getting one, one that will pick your pocket with one hand while the other holds out a pan expecting donations.  Little kennie says something and the appearance is you run to serve him.  Aren't you getting tired of letting him make a mockery of you and your State?

Local officials are also worried that he will be able to use this dodge to get out of any and all taxes.  Look at the impact that will have on the local communities, particularly schools.  So kennie lies to you with promises of economic windfalls and jobs, takes millions in incentives and other benefits . . . and when you try and shore up your emergency services -- which, by the way, service kennie's ark park as well . . . he tries and end run to con his way out of that.

The fix is simple, give kennie his religious exemption from that tax and at the same exact time pull any and all local, county, and state incentives.  At the same time, send him a tax bill for the purchase of the land . . . not on the purchase price, but on the actual value.  If we can do it for cars, we sure as hell can do it for multi-million dollar pieces of property.

If that doesn't work, then I think we should all move to Kentucky, open our own ministry -- with a congregation of one.  Then sign over all property -- including any external paychecks -- to that ministry and avoid paying any kind of taxes.  We can demand all sorts of State and Local services without paying a pretty penny . . . and if anyone complains, slap them with a religious discrimination lawsuit!  After all, didn't John Oliver demonstrate how easy that can be?

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