Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hopefully One Last Post about Kennie, the Ark Park, and Taxes -- at least the Safety Assessment Fee issue

The Non-Profit Quarterly has an article about little kennie ham and his ark park tussle with Kentucky.  A couple of interesting things I wanted to point out.  Here' the link tot he article: "The Ark Encounters: Business or Charity Take Two".  After a brief summary of all the shenanigans, especially the transfer of the land from the for-profit to a non-profit back to the for-profit, NPQ said this:

"All this transferring back and forth, given the public issues surrounding the park, has created much doubt about the motives of the organization."
Yes anyone with a working brain probably doesn't buy into kennie's story about how they always intended to pay their share of the safety assessment fee and how the transfer wasn't an effort avoid paying any, or even all, taxes. We discussed that one in "Little Kennie Folded!"  But I don't think it took this latest set of activities to create doubt about kennie and his ministries.
"Additionally, negotiating pay for emergency services and the conveniently timed nonprofit transfer make it seem like the organization is not supportive of public safety."
I think trying to claim that they have only averaged two emergency calls a week and that the further costs of a call may well be passed onto the person's insurance also support kennie's lack of regard for supporting the emergency services of the local community.  Does kennie really care much of anything for the local community?  I don't believe so.

If he did, would he be discriminating against them for jobs at his ministries, particularly jobs whose skill set have nothing to do with one's religious beliefs? I don't think so! You know I understand hiring a preacher who supports your belief set, but computer programmers? No, that's called discrimination! I do believe the article was wrong in saying:
"However, the judge later granted the tax break and even allowed the organization to refuse to hire those not following the same religious beliefs."
It wasn't so much the judge decided, but the decision was taken from the judge's hands by the newly elected Republican Governor. At least that's how I remember it. Little kennie likes to claim it was a ruling, but it was more the state government giving up.

If he really cared about the local community. would he have balked at the Safety Assessment Fee knowing full well he was going to pass it right onto his customers?  If might have been one thing if it came out of his pocket, but those sort of taxes and fees never do.  He passed it on after trying to avoid it altogether.

Finally, would he be setting up the local community for the blame if the attendance at the park doesn't show a significant increase in the next year? Remember this:
In a recent opinion piece by kennie, published by, "Ham: Restaurants, hotels needed for Ark crowds" he has a new target to blame:
"For 2017–2018, Answers in Genesis (owner of both attractions) confidently predicts that the Ark will have even greater attendance than our excellent first year – provided, that is, we see more entrepreneurs building additional hotels to accommodate our visitors."
No, I don't think kennie really cares about the local community and will interact with them only as much as he has to.  But he will be perfectly willing to scapegoat them if the ark park doesn't improve on its attendance -- which, unofficially, is significantly under-performing even kennie's least optimistic first year attendance projections.

Hopefully, this will be the last post about this particular topic, but I kinda doubt it.  I'm sure it will be brought up again the next time kennie isn't given what he seems to feel is owed to him.

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