Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More Bad News for Folks like Kennie Ham and the Discovery Institute, Theists who reject Creationism/ID as Science

One of the many tactics used by hardcore Creationists, which includes Intelligent Design proponents, is the claim that to support science, you are an Atheist.  As I have said before it's a gutter-level tactic and based on something Creationists claim to stand against, a lie.  So when something like this happens, it must make them burn!

Announced by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE): "Presbyterians add their voice for evolution", the actual proclamation is right here.  
Presbyterians have joined many other Christian, Unitarian, Jewish, and Buddhist groups in their support of actual science!  Their proclamation says some pretty powerful things, like:
"However, over the centuries some Christians have sought to deny observations of Nature by reference to Scripture. In the 5th century CE Augustine warned that claims about Nature, contrary to human reason and experience but supposedly derived from Scripture, should be avoided, lest they make Christians seem ignorant and the objects of scornful laughter."
Certainly rings true, don't Creationists come across as ignorant?  When one spouts off about science, especially evolution, that is certainly the case.  Please note I am not saying stupid, but ignorant, there is a difference.  What I find annoying is that it is a willful form of ignorance, which  . . . to me . . . is much more a sin than a theist who supports actual science.  Later in the proclamation lists nine very specific affirmations.  One I wanted to point out is this:
"That God has connected all life on Earth in a network of kinship by virtue of biological evolution from common ancestors;"
Yes, biological evolution!  I have to think kennie is probably going to comment about it eventually, more than likely 'explaining' to the world that Presbyterians aren't 'real' Christians.  But I do not believe kennie is the final authority on that subject.  Here on Earth, it's the group themselves that define their belief system.  But someone like kennie doesn't agree with that.  He seems to think he IS the authority, yet when anyone outside his little group of fundamentalists Evangelicals I like to refer to as Hamians, tries to correct any of kennie's narrow beliefs, it immediately get rejected.  Hmmm, another example of having your cake and eating it too?  Little kennie assumes the authority to correct the rest of the Christian world, but rejects any criticism that his belief set is so limited.

One last quote, the proclamation's final paragraph:
"Over the past 500 years humankind has gained more depth and breadth of understanding of creation than in all the preceding millennia of human history. Even within those five centuries there have been several revolutions in our understanding of creation. Though the findings of the sciences do not determine the Gospel message, as Augustine noted they do influence how that message can be credibly declared and persuasively received. The first task of an effective contemporary evangelism must begin with an assent to the Creation that God has indeed been calling and is calling into existence. It is for this purpose that the affirmation above has been developed."
Based on these comments, I might have to find a different way of referring to Creationists.  I mean obviously this proclamation makes it clear that they are Creationists, but ones of a very different stripe than the Evangelical sort, particularly any of the more fundamentalist variety.

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