Thursday, March 3, 2016

Politics, Politicians, WTF!

I try and avoid getting into the world of politics, but for some reason this election season seems to be one of the worst I can remember . . . and I lived in Louisiana for part of the political disaster named Edwin Edwards and also in DC during part of the Marion Barry debacle.  I mean re-elected a man after he served time for drug abuse while he was in office?  Granted he needs help, but re-electing him Mayor is well beyond the usual 12 step program!  As you can tell episodes like that give me a very particular view of politics and politicians.

For many years now I have considered the quadrennial election of our President not as selecting the best person for the job, but selecting the lesser of two evils.  It's a shame that we always seem to nominate people we would not trust to babysit our children.  Give that some thought, if Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton showed up to babysit, would you dare leave your house?  Does this election year seem worse than usual to you?

As a registered Republican, I look over the field on potential candidates and can only shake my head.  I really hadn't planned on saying even this much, but then I was watching one of my favorite shows and thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you haven't seen "Last Week on Tonight with John Oliver", you should really give it a try.  He's taken on some surprising issues, some you would expect, like Abortion and Hollywood Whitewashing, but then others surprised me like FIFA, Televangelists, and also how professional sport stadiums are financed.  This past week he took on Donald Trump . . . and when he was done he tore the donald into minuscule shreds.  Here is a link to the video:

I understand people's anger at professional politicians and this deadlock our elected officials seems to think is how it should be.  But looking over our choices for President . . . are any of them worth electing?  Not just Trump, but the whole field?

In my opinion, this part of Last Week on Tonight one of the very few examples of must-see TV in existence, regardless of what NBC likes to claim in their marketing.  I think the last time I felt this way about anything on TV was the opening scene from The Newsroom:
If you have seen that scene, and liked it.  You might be slightly interested in the one scene that made The Newsroom must-see TV for me.  It was sort of a follow-up on opener:

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