Sunday, January 17, 2016

Newsweek looks at Ham's Folly 2

Quite a while ago I referred to the Creation 'Museum' as 'kennie ham's folly'.  As you probably know, he's building a new attraction, the Ark Encounter, which is, in my opinion, his second folly.

Aside from everything going on, I have a serious question to ask.  Before kennie started building his 'ark park', he provided an estimate for visitors that no one seems to actually believe.  I mean 2 million visitors a year?  Really?  My question is what was his predictions for visitors to his first folly and how did his predictions measure up to the reality?  I don't know, but I am very curious.

But on to Newsweek, the article is "Noah's Ark Rises in Kentucky, Dinosaurs and All".  It's a pretty good article, it summarizes little kennie and his Hamians well.  It goes into the issues about the ark park discriminatory hiring practices and Kentucky pulling some of their tax support due to those practices and little kennie's lawsuit of a response.  What I found interesting in the article was a reminder that while kennie says:

“No Kentucky taxpayer money is going to build the Ark Encounter,”
While that is the literal truth, it's not a complete answer.  While no tax money is being used to build the stupid thing, there are millions of tax money, that would normally go into the community, will be funneled back into the ark park to deal with it's debt.  In other words kennie and his followers are off the hook and the taxpayers of Kentucky will be left with the bill.

Later in the article is a great quote:
“AiG is confusing what they have the right to do as a private organization with what taxpayers are required to fund,” says Greg Lipper, senior litigation counsel for Americans United for Separation of Church and State. “They’re saying Kentucky taxpayers should pay for them to expand a religious ministry. That kind of argument would make Thomas Jefferson turn in his grave.”
AiG does it's best to make a mockery of science, and it extends well beyond evolutionary theory.  They mock Chemostry, Geology, Paleontology, and even Climatology.  The summary of the article makes the point that when you look at everything his ministries . . . and don't forget that kennie himself described the ark park as a ministry, may also slow responses to other actual scientific issues, such as Climate Change.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for kennie to respond to this article.  So far nothing, but the Newsweek post is dated just yesterday.  I bet he has to get his blood pressure under control before he responds.

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