Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kennie Ham is Pissed!

You gotta love it.  While I didn't predict how nasty he would get, I was waiting for little kennie ham to respond to the Newsweek article I posted about in "Newsweek looks at Ham's Folly 2" and he finally did.  Tracey Moody over on Pathos saw it before I did, "Ken Ham is Wrong; Newsweek’s Article About His Noah’s Ark Theme Park was Accurate" and James McGrath linked to her post on Facebook.  You really have to read Tracey's post, she's been tracking AiG and the ark park in far more detail than I have.  But, you know me, I had to read kennie's response.

Oh, is he pissed off.  I did say that his delayed response might have been to let his blood pressure drop a bit.  I don't think it reached normal when he penned this up, "Newsweek or “News-Weak”?"  At first he tries to blame the report on his ark park as part of an overall editorial bias when covering Christian news items.  Little kennie LIES about following the legal hiring laws of a for-profit business wanting State incentives . . . and when called on it, it's a biased against all Christianity in the news?  Really, kennie?  Regardless of whether or not such a bias exists it doesn't address the issues the article raised.

After that spitball, he denigrates their journalistic integrity and compared Newsweek to British tabloids and claimed the reporter was a commentator more than an actual reporter.  Oh yea!  Little kennie is having a tantrum!  I can even picture him laying on his back kicking his feet and waving his arms!  Now there is a mental image I could do without.  When is someone going to invent 'brain floss'?  The reporter, who he doesn't even bother naming, has a Masters degree in publishing and magazine writing from Emerson College.  Lindsay Tucker is her name and while kennie might not ever say it, I think it's a name he will never forget!

Then he quotes a bit of scripture and rationalizes what he's done based on his fairy tale estimates of attendance at his newest ministry.  As reported a couple of years back, the Creation 'Museum' is in trouble due to declining attendance.  It's also been reported that for the past 4 years, attendance continually drops and that the estimates for ark park keep being adjusted down AND that ark park officials inflated attendance projections . . . yes, those are the projections little kennie is counting on to not drop a big bill on the taxpayers of Kentucky.  See what I mean by a fairy tale!  Then he really loses it with this:

"Noah’s Ark was a vessel of salvation and today we are using it as a picture of salvation in Jesus Christ. Those who went through the door to the Ark over 4,300 years ago were saved. On the other hand, the Titanic ended up being a vessel of death and those like Bill Nye who reject the modern-day Ark of Salvation, Jesus Christ, will sadly experience what the Bible calls a “second death”: eternal separation from the Lord Jesus Christ. AiG is building the Ark to do our best to throw a “life jacket” to people like the Newsweek commentator and Bill Nye so they will be saved from the Titanic of death." 
And here we have the  . . . last refuge  . . . the threat!  Here is the most incomprehensible part of kennie's belief set, if you don't fall in line, you experience "second death".  Of course, most Christians and Christian Scholars debate exactly what that means, but you know kennie, he's going to cherry picks the parts of the Bible he likes and prefers the whole fiery lake of burning sulfur second death from Revelations.  Yes, that's how you keep people in line, you threaten them with stories.

As an afterthought, little kennie's editor 'explained' why kennie was extremely rude when meeting with the reporter, claiming the reason kennie didn't stand to greet her was because he has chronic back problems.  Maybe it's the Aussie in him, but when I have a condition making me act rude, I always explain it to the person there and then instead of something excusing it after the fact.  But then I guess I was raised differently and aren't I glad!.

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