Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How imappropriate is this?

I was working on another post when I took a quick look at PZ Myer's site and I could not believe my eyes. I still am having a hard time believing it. Here, take a look for yourself. "Charming Theodicy". Can you read the same twitter post that I did. I am steaming!

OK, took a short break, but I am still steamed up. I am willing to admit that I do not know the back story here. But I can't think of anything more STUPID than the comment made here.

"The most merciful thing an omnicient God might do is end the life of a child whom he knows will never seek Him."

-Pastor Doug Humphrey

First of all this post addresses what has to be the most difficult time in anyone's life, the loss of a child. I don't care what age or what circumstance, there is NOTHING someone can say to make this easier or more bearable. But this coming from a Pastor? Just how freaking STUPID is he? Does he think this will ease the pain or make it less unbearable?

I don't talk much about religion. In all honesty I think it's a personal decision each individual needs to make. I do tend to respond when some believer, of any particular stripe, decides to denigrate, mis-characterize, or out-and-out lie about science to help support their own faltering belief system. But this comment all by itself is the worst example of a Pastor . . . the only thing I can say, is that in my opinion, this is the worst example of abuse of a position of power and authority.

I might have to eat my words if the details come clearer, but even my imagination is unable to come up with ANY possible scenario that would make Humphrey's words acceptable. Trying to paint the most positive picture, and it doesn't make it very positive at all, is that this message is totally unsuited for a tweet. Your message size is too small to provide whatever context you might try and use to rationalize such a comment. The only thing that might be more positive is if Humphrey's get the hell out of the Pastor business if he thinks his comment is in any way justifiable. If he can justify it, he should be doing public relations for Tiger Woods.

Oh yes and didn't he misspell 'omniscient'? You would think the pastor of an omniscient deity would know how to spell it.

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  1. To him I would say " psalm 50:9
    Think both the bull and goat applieds