Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And Now for Some Levity

OK, enough serious stuff. Gotta lighten things up a touch. PZ Myers pointed out an article in the Sydney Morning Herald "The world's most craptastic tourist attractions " and lo and behold kennie ham's carnival side-show ride made the list. Here is what was said about the Creation 'Museum':

"The Creation Museum, Kentucky
Well, it was hardly going to be in Oregon, was it? Here, true
believers can learn about how the Earth was formed by the big man upstairs,
who manages to explain away such potential roadblocks as dinosaurs,
billion-year-old fossils, and that whole science thing with room after room
of ultra-religious tackiness. There’s actually been a lot of money poured
into this, and it’s anything but half-arsed. Misguided, maybe – but not

I do disagree with his statement that

" . . . some things are just so bad they’re good. They become guilty pleasures,
something you would recommend just for the pure experience of their hideous
I really can't see anyone considering the possibility that kennie's ego-massaging delusion can be bad enough to be good, I mean even the movie 'Ice Pirates' had it's good points -- although I cannot recall what they were right now. So recommending it? I don't think so. So what was the best thing about my visit to the Creation Museum? Seeing PZ Myers who was there with the Secular Students Alliance. So even the best thing about the Creation Museum wasn't about the Creation Museum.

I do like his phrase:
"There’s only one word for them: craptastic."
Craptastic! It just flows off the tongue and brings to mind such things many of the DI, ACN, and ICR posts and activities.

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