Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noah's Ark

Most of us are familiar with the tale of Noah's Ark and how one small family built a ship longer than a football field capable of carrying two of every life form while the rest of the world was covered in water and all other life eradicated. It's a common Young Earth Creationist (YEC) myth and like most of their beliefs there is not one shred of evidence.

YEC'ers are also one of the more vocal evangelical groups opposing things like evolution for religious reasons. One of the more lunatic YEC'ers is a favorite target of opportunity named little kennie ham who rips folks off every day by feeding their beliefs.

Well little kennie is probably jumping for joy because Noah's Ark has been found . . . again. Another evangelical group, called by some strange coincidence the Noah's Ark Ministries International, claims to have found it in some mountains in Turkey. Now normally I wouldn't pay much attention to such announcements but something really funny caught my eye. How do they 'know' it's Noah's Ark? Well they do claim not to be 100% certain, only 99.9%. So why are they so sure? Carbon dating!

Does this strike your funny bone the way it struck mine? OK, just in case I am just being my usual weird self let me explain. What is one of the most common methods for dating fossils and other geological evidence that goes completely against YEC'ers main contention that the Earth is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old? Yup, Radiological dating. They love to complain that it's inaccurate, misleading, and impossible to use reliably.

Now do you get it? One of the methods used most often by science to disprove their ideas is OK to use as long as it supports their preconceived notions. Gotta love double-standards.

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