Thursday, April 22, 2010

ID is not religious . . . yet . . .

Being anti-intelligent design is a form of religious discrimination. How ID'iotic is that?

So what's going on. Well it seems that am employee of Jet Propulsion Labs, JPL, was demoted for, what he claims, is handing out ID videos to co-workers. He is suing for, among other things, religious discrimination.

If this is true, then it does sound more like a free speech issue. But there are two things that make it more than a little suspect. First of all The Discovery Institute has responded and typically they are painting him as some sort of martyr. Just like the way they keep trying to paint Gonzales, Abraham, and Sternberg. That immediately makes me suspicious!

However, since JPL has not responded to the lawsuit, others have. According to the Auburn Journal not only was Coppedge handing out these videos. he was asked to stop -- which he refused. OK, now his actions sound more like harassment. It also sounds like any action taken, like a demotion, might be well justified.

One other side-note . . . He sits on the board of directors of Illustra Media, the group that publishes the DVDs that he distributed to JPL employees. Things are starting to smell real bad! Not that the truth would stop the DI from rallying their toothless sharks for his 'defense'.

Let's just say that any empathy I might have felt for Coppedge is out the window. I expect the DI rallying to his defense will be just as effective as it was for Gonzales, Abraham, and Sternberg.


  1. So ID is not about religion but this guy's religious liberties were infringed by passing out dvds about ID? Can't the Discovery Institute even pretend to make any sense anymore?

  2. Coppedge's motivation is religiously based, obviously. Very likely, he preached in an annoying and persistent manner. Nobody's fooled here, not even Coppedge's supporters; they feel entitled to such activity without practical limit.