Friday, August 14, 2009

Klinghoffer has a new hero -- Charles Manson

I guess shilling for the boss wasn't enough, because according to David Klinghoffer, Charles Manson is an evolutionist! His syllogism knows no boundaries. If you can stomach it, read it for yourself at his BeliefNOT column.

Of course he tries to temper his wandering of the mind with this closing comment:

"No, obviously, as if it needs saying, I am not in any way blaming gentle Charles Darwin for murderous Charles Manson. But the present anniversary does remind us of another stitch, a bizarre one, in the fabric of Darwinism's moral legacy."
Sure, he's not 'blaming Darwin', but he calls this another 'fabric of Darwinism's moral legacy'. Sounds like he's doing more than blaming him!

Here's another one, Danny, Charles Manson and Charles Darwin share the same first name . . . more evidence! Wow, I just noticed that Daniel Klinghoffer and David Berkowitz have the same number of syllables in their names . . .coincidence? I think not!

BTW, Danny, just in case you think I was paying you a compliment, one of the common definitions of syllogism is "a subtle, specious, or crafty argument". IMHO 'specious' applies here, and so does 'vacuous', 'inane', and 'asinine'. I will leave it to you to look those words up. Trust me, they are not complimentary.


  1. The best part of that piece is the line "Manson also claimed to find justification in the book of Revelation and the Beatles' White Album, though any genuine link with those sources was purely a product of his twisted imagination."

    So when the connection fits with what Klinghoffer wants it is in the source material. When he doesn't like the connection, it is a product of Manson's twisted imagination. I do seem to recall Revelation predicting some pretty large scale wars and conflicts...

  2. So I guess that makes Charlie a Biblical Scholar as well! Poor Davie Klinghoffer, if you can't find anything intelligent to say, just make crap up!