Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm back . . .and spent an interesting day

I know I haven't been around. This past month, especially the last two weeks have simply been hell at the office. But things are quieting down a touch, I decided to take a day off and do something strange, and at the same time get back into blogging about my favorite subject. So here goes. . .

I don't know if you heard, but PZ Meyers paid a visit to Ken Ham's folly, the Creation 'Museum'. Since it is in my neck of the woods, my wife and i dropped down to Northern Kentucky and took in the place as well. It was educational, although I am pretty sure it wasn't educational in the way little kennie intended. I do tend to write more later, so let me leave you with a couple of images:We were met with this sign as we approached the entrance. I assume this is in response to the visit from PZ Meyers' group 'The Secular Student Alliance". Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will lay odds PZ's group either laughed, rolled their eyes, or ran up to get pics. I saw a large group, including PZ heading that way, so I assume the third, but I will take odds that the first two happened as well.
I also ran into a gentlemen whose name I missed. He gave me the above button! If anyone has his name and email, i would greatly appreciate it! It is my fault I missed his name, my ears have been acting up . . . allergies causing them to be partially blocked. It's frustrating and in a large group environment like ken's folly, I have trouble hearing. I even missed some of my wife's comments -- which i will probably pay for at a later date.
One last image, please look at the hours of the Creation Museum. Anyone see anything funny? Can anyone tell me why they are open on Sundays? Oh I am sure little kennie will say something like the 'museum' is really a ministry and therefore equates to attending services. But sorry, it doesn't wash. Fine, he can call himself a 'High Priest', or whatever, and work himself on Sunday. But should that include the security, ticket folks, guides, and the cafe folks? I know, kennie can justify anything to himself, as he proved in post "Turnabout is Fair Play". But that still doesn't make it right.


  1. The most fascinating thing about the Museum trip has not been the details of the Museum trip but the aftermath. PZ wrote a blog entry. Ken Ham wrote an entry complaining about the entire affair without mentioning PZ's name (he was referred to repeatedly just as a professor with a blog) or linking to PZ's blog. Ken then wrote another blog entry complaining about claimed inaccuracies in PZ's blog entries without linking to them at all. This pattern continued. PZ was more than willing to link to Ken Ham. Ham never linked to PZ even when he did get around to using PZ's name. It is almost like Ham is afraid of what will happen if he gives any of his readers links to PZ.

    The contrast in degree of intellectual honesty is fascinating.

  2. Ken Ham rarely mentions PZ by name, especially since a blog post by PZ may have played a role in the Creation 'Museum' losing a business arrangement with the Cincinnati Zoo ( I had my own blog post about it, but mine was more after the fact. (

    One of the lines from kennie's own blog "also in the printed material we pass out inside the museum" struck me as funny now. I didn't see anything posted about the Zoo, the Cincinnati Museum Center, or was handed any material other than stuff about the Creation 'Museum' and AIG.