Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Ark Park and the Kentucky Governor

Someone questioned a comment I made in a recent post and I wanted to clear that up. I said:

"Little kennie ham, with the help of a newly elected Republican Kentucky Governor, have once again made fools of the people of Kentucky and is opening an exhibit to showcase his narrow theological views and potentially leaving the people of Kentucky to pay for it . . . especially if his highly suspect attendance projections come in more like the reality of his other abortion, the Creation 'Museum'. " (This blog: Kennie's Ark Park about to Open, Sorry Kentucky! I feel your pain!)
The question was the involvement of the Kentucky Governor. Well just this morning I was thinking about how to address it when I read a perfect response from the Sensuous Curmudgeon. He was quoting little kennie is his whine over the reporting by I mentioned his whine in my own post, but I didn't pull any quotes from it. Well SC's post (Ken Ham Rants About “Biased” Ark News) pulled this quote from kennie:
"Yes, the Ark Encounter has the opportunity through Kentucky’s tourism incentive program to receive a future rebate of sales taxes that it generates at our theme park up to $18.25 million over a 10-year period after it opens. (And as the writer did correctly state, the right of the Ark Encounter to participate in this program was upheld in federal court.)"
When I originally read this from kennie, I knew he was overstating the case.  SC wrote the perfect response and I just have to quote it here:
"Ah yes — the legendary court victory. But as we keep reminding you, it didn’t happen that way. Early in the case, long before the trial began, the judge issued a temporary injunction preventing the state from denying the tax goodies. That is sometimes done to preserve the status quo in order to prevent damage being done until the case can be decided. At that point, the Governor stepped in and caused the state to withdraw from the case. It wasn’t a court victory on the merits of Hambo’s case; it was an embarrassing incident of lexus interruptus. "
Little kennie's case never went to trial  Other than political posturing, and kennie lying about upholding anti-discrimination laws, there was actually little done other than the temporary injunction, which it pretty typical in these type of cases.  The judge doesn't want any changes made until they go through all the legal hoops.  But after the election of a new Republican Governor, the State pulled out.  Little kennie did not win his case, nothing was upheld.  The Governor simply rolled over, in what I think was nothing but typical political pandering.  Just like he did when he kowtowed to Kim Davis on her refusal to do her job and issue legal marriage licenses.

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