Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Growing and Disturbing Trend, Discrimination by Theists!

You know for all the talk about a war on Christians, what about the war by Christians?  Do businesses and government officials have the right to refuse service because they share a different religious tradition than potential customers?

Of course the biggest example is Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses because they couples didn't meet her personal idea of marriage.  But this seems to be a new trend.

Lawmakers in many states are pushing for laws to protect people when they discriminate based on their religion . . . no, let's be real . . . These are laws designed to protect Christians who object to issues like gay marriage, contraception, and any issue their religion claims is wrong . . . regardless of the legality of such a position.  Lawmakers are pandering yet again . . . and of course without thinking things through.  In my opinion they are trying to set religious beliefs above civil law. One problem is there is no actual definition for what is a religious belief and what is not.  So what I see happening is not just more Kim Davis', but many businesses refusing service for any list of reasons and claiming a religious exemption from the law.

The bottom line question is should undefined religious beliefs superseded civil law?  I did use the word 'undefined', but it really isn't necessary.  Imagine the arguments trying to codify religious beliefs and identify which ones allow discrimination and which ones do not.  It would be a lawyer-ing heaven and a nightmare for the rest of us.  One of my issues is we already have a system in place to insure one group isn't able to discriminate . . . it's called the law.  But Christians want to scoff at the law, claiming their belief set serves a higher purpose.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  If your religion demands that you discriminate against other people, you are supporting the wrong religion!  If you disagree with gay marriage, don't marry someone of the same gender!  It's that simple.  But there is nothing legal of being able to force your beliefs onto other people, which is exactly what Davis did and more Christians want too.

In some ways I almost want one of those bills to pass and then have someone from another religion, say Muslin, and use their religion to perform some formerly illegal act of discrimination . . . and watch the fur fly!

Here's an another example, during the recent Ark Park opening there was a group of people protesting against the ark park, something they have a perfectly legal right to do!  In an effort to be prepared, they commissioned Five Star Septic and Portable Toilet Rentals for portable toilets to be sent to the July 7 demonstration. The rental company agreed, but on the day of the demonstration they asked the protesters representative if the toilets were for protesters. Upon learning that they were, the Freedom From Religion Foundation says the rental company denied service.

Now the parent company has issued an apology, but the fundamental question is did that company have the right to refuse service based on the fact it was protesters against a pseudo-religious mockery 'replica'?  I put the 'replica' within single quotes because you cannot be a replica of a fictional boat.   I'm picturing a florist showing up at a wedding and seeing it was a gay wedding taking their flowers and going home.  Where is the line drawn?  A clown who makes a living performing at children's parties joins a religion that specifies minorities as a lesser status.  Can the clown refuse service?  Do you think I am stretching the truth here?

There are already religions that put women in a subservient position, imagine the lawsuits when a manager refuses to promote a woman because that might put her in a supervisory position over men! But these laws may allow them to get away with just that!  Now the glass ceiling may have a religious layer added to it!

You think we have a lot of religions now, just wait until some folks realize if they codify their prejudices into a religion, they can get away with just about anything.

As you can tell, I am against this whole thing!  Civil law is the ONLY place that should govern the behavior of all citizens and it should address those things common to all citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs.  In areas where religious beliefs may come into contact with civil law, like Kim Davis, you have a choice . . either uphold the law regardless of personal discomfort . . . or resign your position!  Allowing any one religion to overturn civil law is a huge mistake, but one politicians are willing to make if it means a few more votes in their pocket.

This is going to get even uglier before it gets much better, but it's a fight we need to win or each and every person in this country is in danger of becoming a second class citizen every time they run into someone of a different religion.  We'll start seeing aisles in supermarkets marked by religion because some religions are uncomfortable handling certain food items.  At the motor vehicle registration department I can already see two lines, one for men and one for women because some religions don't believe women should be allowed to drive so therefor any clerk who supports that religion shouldn't be made to serve women!  Will we start seeing even more segregated schools again?  Public schools based on religion?

Where can you draw the line?  I don't think you can, but pandering politicos won't tell you that because they are less interested in civil rights, but in votes to keep themselves in power.

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