Monday, July 26, 2010

I have done the unprecendented, at least for me.

I dropped someone from commenting. I know, I know . .I pledged to allow dissenting views . . . but this person started going off in a direction that demonstrated extreme prejudice and discriminatory comments. So starting this afternoon if I see a post from that one particular poster, I will delete it . . . without reading it. I know someone might make a complaint about free speech . . . but there are few things I will remove from my blog and leaving them in made me feel like I was enabling that sort of behavior. So I'm sorry if I lose anyone over it!


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  2. Aww, it wasn't mynymbecile, was it? I was starting to enjoy that. He reminded me of a dime store Berlinski. I'm gong to miss Darwinian Creation Myths, The Declaration of Independence nonseqitur, and helpful stuff like how can you be sure any of this is real?, all from a guy possessed of some sort of secret knowledge you or I will never know.