Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy One Month Anniversay

I just realized this blog is all of one month old. What a month it has been! As I look back at my own posts and the source material linked from many of them I have come to a couple of Lessons Learned:

  1. Intelligent Design is not what the Discovery Institute keeps claiming it is.
  2. The tactics of Creationist/Intelligent Design supporters are criminal.
  3. School Boards are made up of people, people with an important job, but who cannot do that job in a vacuum.
  4. Politics will stick its hydra-like head in the most unlikely places and usually to the detriment of the people involved.
  5. Science is alive and well and starting to learn how to deal with Creationist/Intelligent Design supporters in a more proactive way.
  6. In just the past month I have seen activity in California, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and New Mexico so we know this is not a local problem, but one of National Importance!
  7. Politicians will say anything to get elected.
  8. People will do foolish things if they think it's in the name of fairness, academic freedom, or free speech. What people need to do is examine exactly what is meant by these terms! It is not fairness to give a pseudo-science the permission to be taught as a science, it is not academic freedom for a tenure seeking professor to ignore his curriculum area, and it is not free speech to allow any topic to be introduced in a classroom!
As I said an interesting Month and the rest of January looks like fun. So far no news from Texas on their science curriculum review. Anyone know who replaced Chris Comer?

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