Monday, January 7, 2008

Coexistence V - There is no conflict

For a while there seems to be a huge push that if you 'believe' in evolution you obviously cannot believe in God and that if you believe in God, you cannot 'believe' in Evolution. This dichotomy, as I have said in other posts, is something I believe to be not only false but an artifice designed to shore up support for the Creationist/Intelligent Design point of view.

Today a brief editorial in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer seems to agree with my basic premise that there really isn't a conflict between the two. Many of the greatest scientists in the world, including many of today's scientists are also deeply religious people. In fact many claim the science they have learned have deepen their religious faith.

As the article says there "There are also scientists who reject religion, and believers who reject science." But the article finishes by returning the focus to where this debate requires to be and that is what should we be teaching our schoolchildren in the public school science class: "But public schools have a responsibility to teach science as it is, not as what someone may want to believe is science." Science curriculum should not be based on any populist movement, but on the practicalities of science!

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